Wednesday, June 1, 2011


T____________T....naper nih?????HA HA HA..ak sudah giler ngn korea skunk nih...saban ari ak menengok korea mas...aduhh!!!bukan menengok korea tapi drama lorea..bukan lorea mas...korea mas...ngapa ing ngn ak nih...waduhhhhhh sih...bikin gila nih...HA HA HA HA...skunk nih ak sibuk melayan drama babyfaced beauty tuh...ala yg JANG NARA lakon tuh...fuh klu ko org tgk citer nih...mesti gelak sampai kering gusi ooooo.....cayer lah ak cakap nih...tiap kali ak tgk drama tuh kn...comfirm lah gelak bgai org gila..sampai kn mak ak ckp sama ak
kau dh giler eik???said mak!!!.ak ngn selamber badak nyer..terus gelak lagi..sampai kn abg ak kt dalam bilik terus ikut ak gelak oooooo....HA HA HA HA...okeh org mesti knl kn sapa JANG NARA...ala pelakon top dulu tuh..skunk dier kembali lagi..muka dier alamak x pyh bagi tau lh yer..memang sah lah mcm baby faced kn...x caye jer umur 31 thn...look like teenager girl plk kn....kalah ak tuh face is not baby faced wlpon usia msh remaja lagi...okeh klu ko x cAya ak ckp yg dier mmg baby faced..ko tgk sdr lah yer..

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa...caya ker tidok?????

okeh mesti ko nk tau kn citer cm ner kn????okeh..i kasi tau keh...the story is talk about...
Jang Nara is 34 years old woman who graces with youthful look, she looks like just in her 20s.
She just got fired from her job and has to lie about her age in order to get another job.
Choi Daniel is a rich man who always dates younger girls than him but he then meets and falls for Jang Nara which is older than him.
drama about a woman in her 30s getting a job in a clothing company as her 7 years younger sister and the events that follow.
A romantic comedy about the ever so young looking lead character who overcomes her handicap of being a credit delinquent and having only a high school diploma, fullfilling her dreams and love.
"Baby-faced Beauty" is a romantic-comedy centered around a 32-year-old woman with a babyface as she works to become a fashion designer and overcomes obstacles like having only having a high school diploma and a bad credit history.
Choi Jin-Wook (Daniel Choi) is the heir of the famous Jokbal restaurant with millions of dollars in annual revenue. But, Choi Jin-Wook goes against his father and leaves his parents' house. Choi Jin-Wook starts to work at another company to accomplish his dream. Against his will, Choi Jin-Wook starts work in the fashion department. With his sweet character he survives there and meets Lee So-Young Lee So-Young (Jang Na-Ra).

okeh skunk nih kite tgk cast citer nih plk yer...
Jang Nara as Lee So Young
Choi Daniel as Choi Jin Wook
Ryu Jin as Ji Seung Il
Kim Min Seo as Kang Yoon Seo
Yoon Hee Suk as No Yong Joon
Hyun Young as Ji Joo Hee
Oh Yeon Seo as Lee So Jin

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